Certified Specialists

Steven DeBiase, CPT, MATs


MAT Scottsdale exists out of my pure passion to keep people active as they age.  I've been an athlete my entire life and after sustaining a major injury, I struggled to stay healty and injury-free.  It wasn’t until I found MAT that I felt a true connection with a modality that made sense to me and offered sustained improvement in my pain.


Today, I am one of only four certified MAT Specialists in Arizona.  As a Certified Personal Trainer and MAT Specialist, I can not only help you identify and correct mechanical deficiencies causing your pain, but I can provide you the guidance necessary to maintain your health outside of my office.  


I know first hand how pain can keep you from doing things you love.  My purpose is to help you regain your life – whether it means playing a sport you love, playing with your kids, or just moving without pain.  For me, being able to coach and play ball with my two young boys or go hiking with my wife are my inspiration to stay strong and healthy.


Master Level Course completion:

  • Advanced Foot Fuction

  • Lower Body (Hip and lower leg)

  • Upper Body