MAT™ and Aging


"I just can' I used to"

  • Maintain my BALANCE

  • Hit the ball as far

  • Exercise as long

  • Walk as far

  • Clean the house 

  • Play with grandkids 


Many of us percieve weakness to be caused by getting older.  Yes, that is bound to happen.  But, many times that weakness is brought about by trauma or decommissioning ( remember "use it or lose it").  Over time your body will compensate for weakness in the muscles that move your joints.  That compensation pattern can lead to pain and even osteoarthritis.    


Muscle Activation Techniques™ is specifically designed to help analyze and correct those muscular weaknesses that could be the cause of your discomfort.  What you find is that you have untapped strength available to you today.  Yes, without lifting a weight or popping  a pill we can uncover that strength and relieve the joint stress that often causes pain.