Runners World UK features Muscle Activation Techniques

Running is a culture. I have talked to people that just love to run, regardless of the pain it creates. There is nothing wrong with running....and at the same time...there is a lot wrong with running. The difference is in your mechanics. If your mechanics start to break down, your body figures out a new, less efficient way to accomplish its goal of moving you. You won't know it at first, but eventually something will start to feel off, perhaps pain starts to set in, and soon running is no longer fun. You see a doctor and after x-rays or an MRI you are told there is nothing showing on the film. Soon you slow down or stop running all together because you can't seem to solve the issue. Maybe its just age you say. How do you get back to doing what you love?

Chances are your mechanics are off because muscles that are primary in the action of running aren't contracting properly. What if we can identify and correct these musculature imbalances? Your mechanics will improve, your body will begin to heal, and you are back to running! Muscle Activation Technique is a very specific modality that can help identify and correct these muscle imbalances that happen in all of us. This article in Runners World highlights a runner's issues and how MAT helped her get back to running.

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