Muscle Activation Techniques™ 

MAT™ is a dynamic approach to addressing muscular imbalances, that can reduce or eliminate pain and fatigue, and speed muscle recovery. It is a straightforward and non-invasive technique, designed to balance the muscular system. MAT™ provides the tools to identify restrictions in motion, joint instability, and  weaknesses that could be causing muscle tightness. Through a unique systematic format, MAT™ techinques are used to “jumpstart” the muscle in order for them to function with maximum efficiency.


  • MAT™ addresses the musculature's role in causing chronic pain

  • MAT™ treats the CAUSE of your symptoms, not the symptom

  • MAT™ helps you develop proper mechanics to avoid pain and injury



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Why is it different from other therapies?

Most other therapies focus on the symptoms of muscle tightness.  Muscle Activation Technique (MAT™) focuses on improving muscle function to resolve the issues that lead to tightness, compromised performance, and slow recovery.  One of the principals of MAT™ is that 'tightness" is secondary to weakness.  So, whereby other modalities will suggest you stretch or massage a tight muscle, MAT™ analyzes the body for the weakness that is causing the tightness.  When those muscles are corrected, the tight muscles will release.


​Greg Roskopf, MAT™ founder

Greg Roskopf has devoted his career to the study of the “cause and effect” of the muscular system and how it relates to pain.  As the author of the Roskopf Principle and the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques he not only developed the MAT™ program but also created a curriculum for this technique that has been taught to students all across the globe. Muscle Activation Techniques fills the gap between the medical and the exercise fields. Greg has over two decades of experience applying MAT™ to his clients and developing students into competent and respected practitioners.

Greg has worked as a consultant for various professional sports teams including: the Denver Broncos, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets.  Beyond this, Greg works with clients at all physical capability levels who are looking to address challenges they experience due to injury, stress, or trauma to their muscular system.

Greg started his career in California as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fresno State University from 1985-1988. He received his Masters Degree in Physical Education with an Emphasis in Exercise Science from Fresno State University. Greg left his full time role as a strength coach in 1988 to develop a business in personal training and sports performance, yet continued to work with Fresno State’s medical staff, as a consultant, until he was hired to work full time with the Denver Broncos in 1997.